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User-Conditions for SecureWebMail-Services / Stadt- und Kreissparkasse Erlangen Höchstadt Herzogenaurach
Date 01.06.2017

1.Terms of Use / Directions

With SecureWebMail-Services Stadt- und Kreissparkasse Erlangen Höchstadt Herzogenaurach provides a secure communication system between customer and consultant / Sparkasse. The information (text and annex) is generated within a safe surroundings. The access is basically granted by the web portal 'Secure Web Mail Interface'. Communication is protected through SSL-connection (RSA 2048 bits). The basic certificate had been issued to Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband e.V. which is located in Berlin. If the customer disposes of supported certificates (PGP, S-MIME) , he can use it alternatively.

2. Restrictions of Utilisation

The service can be used exclusively for the communication customer / Sparkasse. Orders (for example bank transfers, stock exchange orders) will not be accepted by Secure Web Mail-Service. Therefore the Onlinebanking application of Sparkasse Erlangen is available Messages can be saved at a maximum of 180 days.

3. Personalized Security Features

The usage of SecureWebMail-Services with Sparkasse Erlangen requires personalized security features:

clearly defined login access (unequivocal personal email address of the user with a mail provider
personal password, alternatively security certificates supported by Stadt- und Kreissparkasse Erlangen Höchstadt Herzogenaurach (PGP, S-MIME

Using SecureWebMail-Services by Sparkasse Erlangen for the first time, a link to call up the application will be provided to the user by email. The user receives the initial passwort by Sparkasse Erlangen through another communication channel. With the first registration the user has to change this initial password into a confidential password only known to him (10 alpha-numerical characters, containing at least one capital letter and one figure) For a password reset, which might be necessary one day, three personal security questions und the according answers are to be deposited in the Secure WebMail application.

4. User`s Duties of Care

The user is obliged to keep his password strictly confidential. The password may not be listed or be stored electronically. Every person knowing the personalized security features can use the services in the name of the user. When entering the password the user has to assure no other person to observe it. Should the user suppose the password to become known to unauthorized persons, he has to request a new password and to inform Sparkasse Erlangen, immediately. In this case Sparkasse Erlangen will block the application for the user
The user may use the service only for communication between customer / adviser. Attachments with virus containing software as well as racist, discriminating or similar contents, that are not relevant for the customer / Sparkasse-relationship (for example SPAM) are not permitted. The user has to inform Sparkasse immediately about any changes of fundamental information (for example change of e-mail address).

5. Blocking the Application through Sparkasse

Sparkasse is authorized to block the users access to SecureWebMail-Services, if the user offends against the terms of use.

6. Liability

Sparkasse is not liable for inappropriate utilization of the application or false statements of the user.

7. Legal Details/Information

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