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Terms of Use for Secure E-Mail

Version February 2015

Service offering
Using Secure E-Mail, the customer can exchange information with Sparkasse Heidelberg based on the 'Terms of Use for Secure E-Mail' via the email address provided by them for private or business purposes.

For this purpose, Sparkasse Heidelberg provides the customer with a user ID, an opening password and the necessary information for the login page of the 'Secure WebMail Interface' for the secure exchange of information.

The 'Terms of Use for Secure E-Mail Mail' and the 'Customer Information for Secure E-Mail' are only available for download at https://www.sparkasse-heidelberg.de/secure .

Only the current version applies, which the customer accepts each time he uses Secure E-Mail.


Use by the customer is free of charge.



2. Scope of use

Sparkasse Heidelberg does not accept any orders or other declarations of intent (e.g. transfer orders, securities orders, etc.) via Secure E-Mail.

For these purposes, Sparkasse Heidelberg provides special applications (e.g. online banking, etc.). The written form is mandatory for legally binding declarations that establish, change or cancel rights.


The storage period for the information is 180 days upon receipt and is currently limited to a maximum storage space of 30 MB.



3. Customer’s duty of care

3.1 Protection of the customer

T he measures to protect the software and hardware used in the customer system are the sole responsibility of the customer.


3.2 Password protection

To protect his password, the customer must take all appropriate organizational and technical measures to prevent his password from becoming known to third parties.


If the password and associated user ID become known to a third party, the third party will have unrestricted access to the affected customer's information available as part of Secure E-Mail.


If a customer suspects that their password is known to a third party, they must immediately reset their password on the 'Secure WebMail Interface' login page.


3.3 Obligation to report

The e-mail address provided by the customer is an essential part of the use of Secure E-Mail. It is therefore essential that the customer notifies Sparkasse Heidelberg immediately of any change. Otherwise, the customer will no longer be able to use Secure E-Mail.



4. Liability

Sparkasse Heidelberg is not liable for disruptions or problems in the exchange of information within the framework of Secure E-Mail that are outside of its area of responsibility.



5. Final regulations

5.1 Use of customer-owned applications and certificates

The use of customer-specific applications and certificates is generally possible. In these cases, however, the responsibility for establishing access to Secure E-Mail and its use lies entirely with the customer.


5.2 Change to the 'Terms of Use for Secure Email'

Sparkasse Heidelberg can adapt the 'Terms of Use for Secure E-Mail' at any time due to changes in legal, technical or other framework conditions.


5.3 General Terms and Conditions

Unless a special regulation has been made within the framework of the 'Terms of Use for Secure E-Mail', the General Terms and Conditions of Sparkasse Heidelberg apply.

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